Sinatras Pianist Paul-Hayden and The British Rat Pack

Sinatras Pianist Paul-Hayden and The British Rat Pack
Personal entry;

About 6 years ago I was celebrating my sister’s birthday with family at The Ritz in Mayfair London. It was a fabulous day being picked up from home and taken on a tour of London before arriving at The Ritz in a limousine.

While dining I noticed the most beautiful piano playing in the background and so went over to have a chat with the pianist. It transpired that this guy Ian Gomes played for Frank Sinatra as a personal pianist for 11 years. Not to be confused with Bill Miller who was Frank Sinatra’s pianist for nearly 50 years in the big band?

Anyway; it’s not every day that you get the opportunity to sing with Royalty and so I asked if I may sing with him as a Birthday treat or rather a huge treat for me. “Sure”, the guy said. “But you have to clear it with the Matradee”. On that note I made a B line toward the Matradee. However my Italian brother in law caught me enroute and dragged me into the bar for a delicious warmed cognac. On my return I was absolutely disappointed that Ian the pianist had gone…

With this regret we move forward almost 7 years to January 2010.

I required a solo pianist for The British Rat Pack in Sandwich Bay, The Princes Golf Club on the 30th January 2010. By some small miracle I managed to trace The Ritz Pianist Ian Gomes down and arranged a rehearsal at his house.

Sinatras Pianist

In the reception at Ian’s Home were photos covering the wall with Ian and Sinatra, Bill Clinton and other members of The Rat Pack, Dean Martin and Sammy Davies Jr. and so on. During the rehearsal I was amazed how Ian transposed the material note perfect on the piano to suit our male and female vocals. To be honest I couldn’t believe my luck that I was singing with this guy.

At the party, guests were in black tie and evening dress. They were blown away by a surprise appearance and guest performance of Frank Sinatra’s personal pianist.
For more on Ian Gomes visit

Enjoy this fabulous link with Ian playing “Send in the Clowns” Live in The Legend of Swing show

We performed two stylish shows at the event, the first being an acoustic performance with Ian’s stunning piano accompaniment while the guests were dining. The second performance packed out the dance floor with a lively swing music show that included, Mack the knife, Leroy Brown and many more big band classics.

It was a fabulous night and one I will always remember.

For the British Rat Pack revue please click on the following link

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