Paul Hayden’s Rat Pack

I had a great gig with Joe Corrigan of The Legend of Swing entertaining a full house at St Andrews in Scotland. We performed as a Rat Rack Duo and blew the socks off a very surprised audience at a TUV NEL corporate event singing a load of the swing hits of Bublé and The Rat Pack.

I’m chuffed that the Event Organiser was thrilled with our condensed version of the British Rat Pack saying we were far better than any Rat Pack tribute to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis. It’s brilliant that our audiences truly think that we are the New Rat Pack as we do not go out as Frank, Dean and Sammy!

The British Rat Pack simply highlights awesome swing arrangements while having fun and bouncing a bit of cheeky banter.

The guys and I love working as the British Rat Pack, Legend of Swing show. It’s a bit like Sinatra, Martin, and Davies relived but with a cool 007 British lilt.

It’s exactly the sort of fun professional entertainment that I would love to see and that Las Vegas would enjoy!

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