Sheene Mill Ltd. Melbourn. Warning to Entertainers

This blog does not imply that the new current management of Sheene Mill are to blame for my losses incurred or that they would operate in a similar manner as stated below.

I was booked to perform a Special Event Christmas Celebration on the 20th December 2008 for an agreed fee of £700.00 by Ruth Haste an employee and agent for Sheene Mill Ltd. My fee was paid directly to the company by the three corporate companies that I entertained. However the money did not get paid to me and the company Sheene Mill Ltd was liquidated early in 2009.

Ruth continued to work for a period thereafter and promises were made regarding payment, however nothing was ever forthcoming. In hind sight I now see that there was no intention I would ever be paid for my services.

It is a sad fact that my £700 was buried in corporate law and the liquidation of that Ltd Company. In part I should own that portion of goods and chattels that were sold on.

One thing is for sure, my fee should have been accounted for as preferential when the company was wound up and that my funds did not at any time belong to Sheene Mill Ltd who should have simply been holding onto the funds and paid me when my job was done.

So as a warning to other entertainers. If your contract is to receive and collect your wage at the end of the night. Do so or you may get stitched up as I did.

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