British Rat Pack May Update

Quick update 14th May 08.

Rehearsing, gigging, recording and a live radio interview tonight at the BBC regarding Frank Sinatra, it’s all happening;
Life is busy and I’ve a coffee break before I pop out, so where do I start.

I have been invited by BBC radio to offer input on a survey carried out by on who can replace Frank Sinatra in the 21st Century. Answered simply, Well, no one is to be quite Frank! I’m looking forward and honoured that I’ve been asked to the live BBC show hosted by Roberto Perrone at 6pm.

Other News.

The British Rat Pack have been recording and have almost finished the album titled. You Don’t You Had Til You Lost It of which is due for release soon on Napster ect and a little later on ITunes. I am blown away by the production thus far. Talk about polished and humour it has got it all!

The British Rat Pack are not impersonators but a cool twenty first century British response and dedication to that Golden Swing Genre of  The Rat Pack, Matt Monroe, Nat King Cole, Buble and all those Kings of Swing.

The Recordings have captured the professional vocal talent, natural fun, charm and musical bubbly ness of the Show. What is also amazing is all the audio on the British Rat Pack website was recorded in one take with no editing other than a small tweak on the live vocal levels, it is el natural and well worth a listen. So visit hear for yourself and don’t be selfish, pass it around.

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