Wow what a year that was! Here’s to this one!x

Here’s welcoming in 2008 x.

Well quite a lot has been happening since last year!

New Years Eve and back by popular demand I was performing at Gala Casino in Leicester which was a real hoot! It was great to see Alistair in Tartan bringing in the New Year with his bag pipes. Brilliant!

I’ve signed out and am no longer under the sole management contract, which is a good thing and amicable.

I’ve had a bit of work and fun with various forms of a Rat Pack tribute and have recently performed among The Headliners, all excellent Rat Pack acts! Here’s one for future reference The British Rat Pack.

The studio has been on the boil for sometime now and I’ve been taking full advantage of it which is most apparent in the Auto audio player as you enter the Paul-Hayden website.

I’ve mixed down a master CD of Betty Boops eighteen piece jazz band session. It sounds almost Yellow Jacket in production and clarity, so I’m very pleased with the unique and revolutionary room acoustics design. (Details will be available at when the site is published).

A Long Time friend is to be recording a session of what I call Black Folk music. It’s a bit like poetry between Bob Dillon to Bob Marley with a Luton Beds lilt which is a compliment and fresh. Joe Corrigan of Signature will be laying down harmonies. Me! I’m going to lay down some breezing guitar and contribute to the mastering production.

This year I have a lot of marketing and a good size band to organise. I’m also going to be spending a lot of time recording original material for the site.

On the tech side of things. The Promolicity we designed has had good but varied feed back. Most people seemed to only play the CD audio feature on the car stereo though this new multi media form is an interactive marketing tool that also plays adobe flash audio video and has interactive capabilities on the Computer with web link among all its other features.

I’ve taken note and am currently integrating this feed back into the final production used in this years 2008 2009 promotion.

The New features on the Page audio player are Audio updates.

Track 1, Paul-Hayden Sound Samples of very varied music genre covered.
Track 2, Paul-Hayden Sings Jazz Medley.
Track 3, Paul-Hayden Sings Soul Medley.
Track 3, Paul-Hayden Sings Caribbean Medley.
Track 4, Paul-Hayden Sings R&B Medley.
Tracks 5 and so on are whole tracks of Rat Pack X Factor style Music.

And referring to some other feed back I will also be posting up my set lists.

Cheers, Paul

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