Paul Hayden Rat Pack 2012

Paul-Hayden has been mixing and publishing video footage of the British Rat Pack and Legend of Swing shows in the studio while updating a Corporate Entertainment Live Video for You Tube and website marketing.

I’m currently editing DVD footage of the show which has our personal take on how Swing music doesn’t just stop at Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davies Jr and The Rat Pack because it is still evolving in this millennium.

The websites for Paul-Hayden Solo entertainer, The British Rat Pack, The Legend of Swing Show are slowly getting a footing out there!
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“It’s been a great year, I’ve had a blast! The British Rat Pack is always a lot of fun. The guys have been busy with the seasonal corporate party events. Though the ultimate experience has been the Legend of Swing show. It is awesome working with true professionals oozing absolute talent. Everyone absolutely loved it”!

The overall theatre experience was Brilliant! There were some absolute Highlights before, during and after the shows. It is a very pleasant gathering with the fun factor behind the scenes that simply continued to escalate into the stage and into the audience. I love every moment of it!

There are some really talented people out there with some absolutely fabulous venues run by great teams of staff.

My favourite theatres thus far are The Grove in Dunstable where we filmed the first show and had the pleasure of Ian Gomes on stage outside The Ritz .Plus the amazing Legend of Swing 16 piece London based big band behind him. The 1st night had a very rare and intimate unplugged section with Ian Gomes on piano which was beautiful. They’re all really sensational guys!

Southend Cliffs Pavilion were superb for marketing (I actually made good money that night),and the show at Bournemouth Pavilion which was so polished in performance pace, sound, lighting entertainment and audience loving every second of it. Brilliant!

So if you want to film and record your show the Grove theatre in Dunstable is the perfect studio and theatrical venue to launch a venture production.

If you want to sell tickets and work with a fabulous marketing team and crew in attendance then Southend Cliffs Pavilion. Both theatres are excellent!

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