Paul-Hayden of The British Rat Pack performs at Fashion Show

On Monday, the 22nd March. I was honoured to sing and provide entertainment at a Charity Fund Raising Fashion Show at the Riverside Suite in the Vauxhall Recreation Complex in Luton.

The event was a Fashion Show that hosted by “Elenis Fashion while among my co performers were TV personalities Anton Du Beke of Strictly Come Dancing and That’s Life TV presenter Esther Ranson.

I was singing to a full house as tickets for the Event had completely sold out!

I opened up the evening and took to the Cat walk at 7.30pm with a nice punchy number followed by some warm laid back classics while informing the audience of the evening’s forthcoming Fashion Show. The show was on auto pilot as it built up too and ended with kicking, swinging 1st set performance that included a bit of Nat King Cole and The Rat Pack. (Video footage coming soon).

Presenters Anton Du Beke and Esther Ranson conducted the Elenis Fashion Show. (As seen at ).
Anton Du Beke and Esther Ranson gave out some raffle prizes and brought on the fashion finale while I closed the evening being a bit cleshay with “That’s Life”. It’s a shame the rest of the Guys from The British Rat Pack were not there to have fun with me!

British Rat Pack News Link see Anton Du Beke, Esther Ranson and Paul-Hayden

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