Gala Casio New Years Eve with Paul-Hayden

New Years Eve the Gala Casino England. The champagne flowed as Paul-Hayden of The British Rat Pack blew the socks off party revellers and players in Leicester.

The gaming at this casino was so busy that the tables kept on rolling right through midnight only to pause for Auld Lang Syne a smile, hug and a kiss then straight back to the game mode and 2010.

Gala Casino Paul-Hayden
Gala Casino Paul-Hayden

The show began as the laid back music with Pauls velvet voice washed the tables almost without being noticed until the moment the first song ended receiving abundant admiration and applause.

For a relaxed period Paul sang the most beautiful ambient classics that included his much loved favourite vocalists Nat King Cole and the Rat Pack among others. He provided the right entertainment for those in deep gaming mode at the tables in the casino.

Then with precision timing…

Paul Sooo mashed that swing button… Mack, Leroy, Sway, New York, Bo Jangles and Birth of the,,,, simply took the roof out of the casino and that was only at 11.30pm 31st December 2009….

This was Pauls final swing performance of 2009…, and his show was spectacular.

11.45pm Paul-Hayden Hits the stage,

Classics of Ray Charles “Hit the road Jack”, Sam Cook and Otis Redding until the count down to 2010 struck midnight…Cheers of “Happy New Year” and “Auld Lang Syne” erupted throughout the venue and the world.

Paul-Hayden gave a toast for happiness and also raised a dram “To Alistair” and his safe return”; the mid night Celtic New Years Piper is posted at a un disclosed military location and could not attend the event.

Paul stepped up the pace once again firing up with a kicking final set of party music that had everyone dancing and rocking throughout the casino including those in their seats at the machines and gaming tables.

Phillip Walker the Gala Casino manager summed up the event “Fantastic. Absolutely Fantastic”.

“Happy New Year”.

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