Paul-Hayden and The British Rat Pack

The original British Rat Pack line up with originator Paul-Hayden accomanied by R and T hit the stage and took off the roof at a black tie charity ball held in St Dominic Priory. Crewe Hall. In Warwickshire just before Christmas. ( click photo to view full news link )
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(Personal comment) “One thing I enjoy as The British Rat Pack is that every show is unique. This was the four of us and a new show with S performing modern. We all work so well as solos, together or with the big band. S sings with us in some of the swing shows and we work together in other projects.

The British Rat Pack is an enjoyable on going entertainment project I put together to deliver and lavish on some great music that is second to none. There are no impersonators in our show. We are as original as Michael Steven Bublé and Harry Connick Jr. We have the pleasure of performing with some amazing artists and musicians.

This serious industry can be a great deal of fun… If the client wants a Piano, they get a piano. Solo, duo, trio, vocal quartet. Laid back lively swing, soul, dance and big band. No event is too small or too large.

Professional Entertainment to client requirement is delivered because we enjoy it.

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