Rat Pack Light Up Radio Airwaves

The fabulous range of songs reflects the individual music tastes within each member of The British Rat Pack. They even performed the Rat Pack classic Ain’t that a kick in the head live on air.

The two live radio interviews the shows transformed into a third as a delighted radio personality exclaimed “These guys are just so much fun it was just like having The Rat Pack in the studio”.

T M reflected in his own words; “I suppose we’re more like The Rat Pack in that most of our humour is straight off the cuff. We’ve simply got an amazing chemistry that’s unique and our own”. R added; “We’re going to swing all kinds of music with P D amazing big band, including the current chart material that will be released on an album sometime in the future.

Rob from Radio Wave asked the guys “What plans do you have for the future”.

We’ve a lot of private corporate parties. TV. The two Blackpool North Pier Theatre dates in October. A five week theatre tour in the spring and a Big Variety Show on 23rd of November at Preston Guild Hall. There is even talk of Vegas.

“We have got so much going on at the moment so watch this space”.

End of interview…

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