British Rat Pack Almost Get Arrested

The British Rat Pack star trio were almost arrested as T R, T M and Paul-Hayden performed an intimate live Rat Pack set outside the entrance of Blackpool’s North Pier.

The guys were promoting their Swing Show that includes the P D All Star Swing Orchestra which is showing at the North Pier Theatre. They performed part of the Rat Pack medley to a crown of at least three hundred holiday makers while many of the local business workers took time out to get a sneaky preview to catch a glimpse of all the excitement.

The British Rat Pack gave a free performance singing to Blackpool residents and holiday makers. Management at the Pier were pleased saying it was a day to remember. The guys were Lucky that the Police did not intervene and break up the happy gathering crowd. However they enjoyed the light hearted stunt and even joined in.

The pressmen arrived and offered the enclosed picture that was being used for the local Gazette news paper.

Pearl Mina of Cuerden Leisure added these guys gave one of the best live alfresco sessions ever seen at North Pier…this show will have a massive impact … Ladies ladies please let the fight begin!! This is going to be a great Girls Night out …. Thanks Pearl

The British Rat Pack have a few more stunts up their sleeves so watch this space!

Tickets are selling out fast from the Blackpool Box Office on 01253 623304 and Ticket Master on line or on 0844 8472452.

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