British Rat Pack Wild night at Ayot

Presentation is everything as The British Rat Pack went Wild as T R, T M and I stormed the stage at the Ayot St Lawrence Mid Summer Ball on Saturday the 5th July 2008.

The British Rat Pack

The theme, Hollywood 1950s Glamour and Black Tie was hosted in the beautiful gardens and surroundings of Ayot House proved to be an ideal setting as party revellers carried on into the early hours of the following morning.

We performed to a packed venue as tickets for the event sold out months ago immediately upon release.

During the first set we sang a light sting of classic Rat Pack, Monroe, Nat King Cole and modern orchestrated ballads while guests dined on the main course, though many still took to the floor for a relaxed dancing interlude.

Brian of Moonlite Sounds played out the rest of the meal before Wham! The British Rat Packs new show with 007 theme opened with Live Till I Die as we stormed the stage and drove the audience into a wild party frenzy.

The show and chemistry is electric from start to finish upholding our British Rat Pack motto,

Always fulfilling and surpassing client expectations.

Great Fun was had by one and all.

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