BBC Radio Sinatra and British Rat Pack

BBC Radio Broadcast with Roberto Perrone interviewing Paul-Hayden of The British Rat Pack on Frank Sinatra Survey Live

It is now ten years since Frank Sinatra passed away on the 14th of May. The BBC Radio Beds station invited Paul-Hayden into the studio for a chat live on air with Roberto Perrone to discuss who if possible could be a modern day replacement for Ol Blue Eyes himself.

A poll of current day performers had been compiled by  gave the following results.

1.Michael Buble 29.34%.
2.Harry Connick Jr. 27.72%.
3.Robbie Williams 18.41%.
4.Jamie Cullum  6.35%.
5.Tony Bennett 4.67%.
6.Will Young 3.66%.
7.James Blunt 3.02%.
8. David Bowie 2.8%.
9.Sir Elton John  2.14%.
10.Rod Stewart 1.9%.

I must admit I was rather surprised with some of the names, Young, Blunt, Bowie, John and as to why some of these great performers were even listed in the Swing Jazz Genre.

Tony Bennett is probably one of the very few survivors of that Golden Swing era and it is well documented that Frank Sinatra was a great fan and vice versa. Tony still performs to a packed house world wide. Respect!

Michael Buble who came in at the top of the list is also at the top of the game. His comments on the survey with regard to possibly being the 21st century Sinatra replacement is summed up perfectly in Michaels own words as follows. Frank Sinatra is Frank Sinatra. No-one can compare to the man. I’m just happy to be Michael Bublé, and having a chance to bring my music to the world. So far the trip has been more than I could have ever imagined.

Michael Bublé can hold his head with respect as this guy is unique and an artist I personally believe will be around for a lifetime.

Frank Sinatra will always be here. His musical legacy will be as eternal as mankind both on celluloid and across the airwaves.

As a swing performer in the British Rat Pack and like Michael Bublé you have to be yourself and you have to have fun with it! The same can be said for Jimi Hendrix, Mozart and other great entertainers and musicians!

All of the artists listed in the survey are at the top of the music industry. All very different, all very unique and while analysing this a little further you can see that anyone with a love for music across every age group and generation has a favourite artist in that list. This proves a point. Frank Sinatra, The Rat Pack, Michael Bublé, Tony Bennett and the Swing Jazz genre like all other music when it captures character, soul and movement is eternal to all that listen.

I thank BBC Radio and Roberto for their kind hospitality and for the opportunity to provide personal input on air regarding one of my personal heroes the irreplaceable Frank Sinatra, Ol Blue Eyes himself.

Thanks for the honour on behalf of The British Rat Pack

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