Rat Pack

It’s been a while so here’s a very brief update.
Great night in Gala Casino, Some good gigs with a Rat Pack tribute and we’ve uploaded the new video to the Paul Hayden site..

Now onto more important things;

Absolutely Fantastic Celebration in the South of France last weekend.

Great to see all my outlaws over the gathering and Johnny the CD is already in the post.

Congratulations to my Favourite French counterpart and my favourite Danish sister in law, WOW IT WAS BRILLIANT and an absolute honour. “Francis don’t you dare take up singing for a living”. It was a sweet set of Swing.
It was a privilege to sing to your loved ones and thanks to the guys for letting me join in and play a little laid back blues guitar. OOH-WEE you’re a great band and the acoustic duo were very refreshing. We all enjoyed so many styles of quality music. Thanks.

We’ll all catch up soon!

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