Diary Update June 2007

Well I’ve been told it’s official, I’m now an extended member of a Rat Pack tribute! i.e. I’m Astandin.

Having worked on a number of occasions with this act and I was recently out with them on Saturday the 16th June 2007 in a private village at a Club based in Surrey.

I’ve seen this abroad but never knew such a layout existed in this country. The entire village enclosed in such a manner that the only entry and exit points have security to allow only desired admission.

The place was stunning! In fact I would say beautiful! the kind of Glorious Large rural British home designs and in an immaculately maintained country lawn setting. I described it to a friend who gave a response toward the film “Stepford”.  On thought, that remark resembled only a small factor in that the place and people were immaculately turned out and friendly.

The Club warmly welcomed us and The Rat Pack tribute went on to perform at to their black tie corporate celebration as the atmosphere just after dining was already quite magical Toni Sullivan, Joe Corrigan and I took to the floor singing charming and teasing each other with the audience.

We burst into Classics from the Rat Pack, Bobby Darren Swing Jazz and other music captivating the audience while taking them on to a nice party pitch at the climax of the show. If I say so my self it was an enjoyable ending to an evenings work!

Tony Sullivan had travelled all the way down from Blackpool and so left shortly after having a social light drink and chat before heading off on the long journey home while leaving Joe and I to mingle.

The event also hosted a Smokey laid back jazz band (Good musicians consisting of Female vocal, brass, double bass, keys, guitar and drums). They were very laid back and performed a good set.

As the night progressed the guests and organisers asked Joe and I with the obvious persuasion of bonus funds that we please give them another show. Well after a mad scrabble to arrange a fresh music arrangement and equipment, Joe and I kicked in another set Singing and joking the night away with the party crowd to early hours.

It was great fun!

P.S. One of the guests kindly forwarded some photo’s some of which can be seen in the Media Page on the website.

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