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Hi I’m answering two often repeated questions. The first is usually asked when I’ve just finished performing, that is why have I not auditioned for X Factor or the Fame Academy type talent programs. The second is why I am supplying samples of my music for free on this site.

The answers to both are really quite simple;

Firstly, Though I think these types of program make great viewing while giving some people a fantastic opportunity to show their excellent talent or, not as sometimes the case may be. I personally am not prepared to sign away all rights to my existing career! It’s that simply!

( Insert 2nd June 2009; I take the paragraph above back. Having been let down on occasion with sole management companies and the notable improvement in credibility with these shows. I have today Just entered The British Rat Pack for the 2010 Britains Got Talent show. Fingers crossed that we get chosen to audition. Heck, maybe the exposure or Simon himself will recognise that we have something really good to offer ).

Secondly, The Paul Hayden site is for promoting my Live Performances at a Fee, it’s something that I really enjoy and gives prospective clients the opportunity to view and hear me before they place a booking! It’s always better to know what act you’ve booked in advance.

Finally I’d like to say many thanks to all those that have told me they love all the new music in both the Rat Packed and X Factory Free Downloads in the music section on this site. It’s good to hear compliments of this nature and great that people are listening to me all over the planet!

The Paul-Hayden.co.uk website is always being updated and will often offer new material for you to download.

As for live music, The Swinging Entertainer as I’ve become known is at a casino in Sol Central Northampton this weekend so if you’re around the area drop in and enjoy the hospitality.

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