The Swing Boys and I

Stormed the stage at Southport’s Floral Hall Promenade! Ever since hearing of them I’ve been an admirer as they have their own unique sound and style. Each member delivers a cool lively je ne sais quoi and sophistication that radiates throughout their performance.Having sung with Tony Sullivan and Joe Corrigan in Tuscany I was now to perform the full show with another line up of T R and Joe.

The evenings entertainment was first class with amazing world class acts throughout.

I was a little nervous as we bounced onto the stage though that was very short lived as the atmosphere oozed electric energy and class. It was great as our unique voices seemed to blend so well while producing harmonies that complimented one another. It was obvious as the professionalism and fun had on the stage filled the venue.

For me as a solo performer for the past two years it was great to be invited, shining my light with T R and Joe Corrigan for that wonderful nights festivities

I look forward to the next time Tony Sullivan, Joe Corrigan and T R as it has been great working with the guys. Meanwhile I’ll get my big band together, Cheers

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