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Paul Hayden is seventh born of nine children with four generations of his immediate family being involved in the stage, television, music and arts for almost one hundred years.

Within this background Paul first enjoyed the theatrical stage and choir at a tender age. Shortly after his eleventh birthday Paul was inspired by Jimmy Hendrix and started to learn the electric guitar. Quick on the uptake and within weeks he was in his first band which evolved and changed style over the years. Paul has also worked in recording studios with jazz, reggae, R&B, soul, funk and avant-garde artists. In the studio he was often called upon as a session guitarist and contributor of many musical ideas. Here in this environment, Paul learned to arrange music and vocal harmonies while improving on his own vocal and song writing skills. During this period he was pushed in front of the microphone to take the lead vocal. His love for music, fun and thrill of live performing has helped Paul evolve into the performer he is today.

The technology used in the studio has constantly fascinated Paul in that he invented the first 1u multi media A/V HD storage unit ever produced and from which today most external 1u HD recording studio media hardware has evolved.
Having realised the studio as a great place to release artistic temperament Paul is recording more material for this site while among other things writing original material with the help of some friends that is to be hosted on a site under construction elsewhere.

Paul has recently come back to the thrill of the live stage as a versatile solo performer having been involved with some great acts and artists in the past. He enjoys playing with jazz, swing and rhythm music that gives a pleasant lift. As a natural upper baritone among other tonal vocal qualities he manages to create themes from Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Michael Buble’, Dean Martin and Bobby Darren through to modern Latin, blues and summery bubbly Caribbean, that is! If the evening so dictates.. His influences are endless.

Paul has gained experience and interests in all kinds of music some of which is available free on this particular site.
The live corporate environment has now become Pauls forte; it is with no doubt his charm will show no boundaries in this field of entertaining work.

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