Wild Night in Casino

I was not feeling at all so well with a tummy bug yesterday and had to spend the whole day in Zzzzds in a bid to feel better for that nights work at the Casino in Northampton. A lesser Muso would have probably been on the phone upsetting the agents’ weekend. No rest easy guys, not me, I enjoy the work too much.

At the casino, feeling much better though still rather fragile, Stan ( My little Helper) and I had finished setting up and were ready for the 10pm start. I must admit I still get a that nerve racking feeling just before a show, which I think is a good thing as I believe it gives you a slight edge on the night.

There are two Hen Parties and one Stag do on the go and as I kicked in with the first set I soon felt as right as rain, having some fun with the audience.

I can’t explain why, or how, but when you enjoy what you do and have fun with it as a performer the adrenaline kicks in, you feel on top of the world!

By the end of the night the restaurant, bar and gaming area was Buzzing! Party Goers and Staff dancing in front of me and all round the Casino.

As I announced the last number the crowd were in uproar and really up for it! I was simply not allowed to make my exit off the stage.

I tried to close the show down at half twelve, however, I tried to get away at least Seven times but the audience were having none of it!.

An hour after the show would have concluded, I was still getting requests. I could feel my voice was about to become partied out! and decided I had to leave an ecstatic crowd along with one “almost” male stripper in the audience had it not been for the Casino staffs polite, humorous spirited intervention, it was all good fun. I finished just after 1.15am.

The Casio stayed electric and on a natural high when Paul Hayden had left the building. It was a great night and I really enjoyed it!


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